Monday, December 28, 2009

Introducing Perfect Presentation

Good Evening! Do you ever look at something and say, "I can do that." but never get around to it?  I have finally done something that I have wanted to do for a long time but was too lazy, didn't have time, fill in any old excuse here, etc.  I have started making my own templates for packaging.  If you are a regular reader of my blog then you know I am a template freak.  I have wanted certain types of packaging and decided to stop waiting around for someone else to make it and just make it myself.  Perfect Presentation is a line of printable templates for a perfect presentation!

I will have all 3 file types available: .svg, .gsd and .pdf.  When you purchase the .svg or .gsd, you will get a copy of the .pdf version at no additional charge.   I am working on making sure the .svg version is ok and will have that file type available soon.
The first template is called Favor Box (original, huh?!) and if you can come up with a cooler name, I'll give you the template free.  So, leave a comment for a chance to name the template and win a copy.  This is a roomy box measuring 4x3x3 not including the handle and will hold quite a bit.  The template purchase includes instructions with photos and uses 2 sheets of cardstock.

This one is for my husband for Valentine's Day and is minimally decorated.  It's probably still too girly for him *sigh*, but he'll just have to say he loves it to continue living here.

Here's the inside view.  I'm thinking it's kind of a long time until Valentine's Day, so I should probably go ahead and eat that candy and buy him some more closer to the big day.  Wouldn't want it to go stale.

Side view showing the manly stripes.

View from the top.  The side flaps fold over the handle.

 I've got a few templates ready and am putting the finishing touches on the instructions and will show those when they are available.  I am also having a talented designer work on a blog badge and will have that up when it's ready.

Check my sidebar and grab a badge made by the awesome Veronica McCollum at VK Design Co.

 Fun times ahead!   

The contest to re-name this template will end on January 1st.  (Don't worry, if you HAVE to have this template now and happen to win the name contest, you can choose from one of the other templates that will be available.)

Thank you for stopping by!

Supplies used: 
Favor Box Template, Perfect Presentation
Cardstock: Papertrey Ink
Stamp set: My Punny Valentine, Papertrey Ink
Pattern Paper: Cosmo Cricket
Ribbon:  Dark Chocolate, Papertrey Ink
Ink:  Real Red, SU!, Chesnut Roan, ColorBox , Dark Chocolate, Papertrey Ink


  1. I love it and I am so proud that you finally did it.....

    Yes eat the candy it will definitely be stale by 2/14/10.... and wouldn't want to be responsible for letting candy go stale....

  2. Here are my suggestions for names for your box:

    1)A little box of Annie
    2)Annie's treasure boxes
    3) treats and sweets boxes

    Inky Hugs,

  3. I love it! I just have to have this template! And it's NOT too girly for your dear husband! Now a name ...
    ~ Bountiful Box
    ~ Ghirardelli Goodie Box
    ~ Holiday Treat Box
    ~ Square(d) Sweats Box

    TFS! Now off to purchase the template :)

  4. 'So proud of you Annie.. you are very talented and I love seeing you head in this direction. You go girl...and best of luck! Hugs, Peggy

  5. Great job, Annie! You go girl. I'm so excited for you. I think it looks like a little lunchbox, so that is what I would call it...Little Lunchbox. Good luck with your endeavor.

  6. How about the beginning of the end for Wanda's budget??? I am now a template freak and it's all your fault!! I have now renamed you the devil- you have de-throned Anglea!!! I am very proud to know you and will be buying, using, and bragging about your templates to everyone out here!!!!
    The Devil's Box
    All Boxed Up

  7. Awesome box! Congrats on starting your new venture! How bout "Handle It!" for the name?

  8. Yay! So happy to see this up ;o) You did a great job on this template - it's so roomy & easy to put together! Can't wait to see what else the *Talented Craftiness* has up her sleeve! Oh, and I happen to think the name is perfect!

  9. Congrats Annie, it's so cute!!! You did an amazing job, your so talented!! I'm not good at naming things, so have fun!

  10. I love the box!! You are very talented!!!

  11. Get a Handle on It!
    CONGRATULATIONS! I am a template junkie and this is just one more reason I need a Cricuit Expression...I should have asked Santa for it...
    Well, Congrats on taking the plunge and I can not wait to see more!

  12. I LOVE IT, Leigh Ann!!! That little sheep is so cute, and the sentiment is perfect! I just uploaded a box on my blog : ) Hopefully you'll get some more traffic! Congratulations!!!

  13. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME FOR YOU GIRL!!!!! so exciting and SUPER DUPER cute!

  14. Love your reasoning on eating the candy, that really gave me a chuckle! Your box is adorable.

  15. love your comment on DH liking the box! cracked me up! big congrats on this new templates!
    how about "Anything Box"...
    Have a Happy New Year!!!

  16. So glad you are feeling better! Your work is amazing and I would miss you!

  17. I like Wanda's suggestion of the Devil's Box! Now get to it and design little horns for it!! Although to me, it looks like a tremendously cute Teeny Tiny Lunch Box!! I hope your wrist is feeling better! We just got the Wii, so I know I'll be hurtin' too! Bowling is entirely too addictive!

  18. I am not even reading what anyone else says....
    Here is my suggestion:

    Goodie Pail
    Goody Pail

    Depending on what spelling you like!

    I am gonna go give you a shout out!
    I am SO excited about this for you!!!!

  19. Way to go Annie!!!!! Time is the one thing we never have enough of...I'm so happy you finally found some. I knew you were super busy...had no idea what you had up your sleeve. Love the new blog look also.

  20. what a cute project.
    how about "Sweet Treat" box..
    It looks amazing...


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