Monday, November 3, 2008

Candy Corn/Christmas tree shaped nugget holder template

Sometimes I make things harder than they actually are. Sometimes I realize my stupidity in time, other times...not so much. I finally figured out that I could trace the candy corn shaped nugget holder and scan it to make a template. Well, duh! I printed this template out and compared it to the original and it's slightly bigger, but it will work fine. When I went to print it, I had to have my paper orientation as landscape (for some reason it didn't print the right size on portrait) and I had to change the page scaling to Fit to Printable area. I would suggest printing it on cheap copy paper to make sure the scaling is correct before making a good cardstock template. It should be roughly 6.25" long and 2.25" wide at the widest spot.

Go here to get the .pdf file.

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