Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Favorite Five

This is a new weekly favorites list that Eve has started on her blog. Check out her list this week. This is so cool because my favorite things change all the time. Ok, here's my list and not in order of importance.

1. X-ACTO pencil sharpener
Maybe you are like me and you can never find a good pencil sharpener and you don't want to shell out mega bucks for one. This one was in the $5 range if I remember correctly and it sharpens perfectly. It's like the sharpener I had in school when I was a kid that was mounted on the wall. I bought the pink one 'cause I'm a girl that likes pink.

2. Girl Scout Nut Sale
We picked up our Girl Scout nut items last night and immediately cracked open the chocolate covered peanuts. WOW. Did I mention they are double dipped?
3. The South
I love living in the south. I've never lived anywhere else and can't even imagine it. Sweet tea, chicken & dumplings, listening to a kid with a heavy southern accent, nice weather, the hills and trees, biscuits & gravy--I could go on and on. It would be nice if we got some real snow occasionally so my kids would know something other than an inch on the ground that melts by the afternoon. Twilight does make me want to move to the Pacific Northwest though...

4. Paula Deen's Potato & Ham soup recipe
I made this last week and ate it for 3 days. It was good but it was even better the next day. I'm making another batch today. You can find the recipe here and watch a video of Paula making it. Yum, Y'all!

5. The Whimsical bakehouse cookbook
I've had 2 cake decorating courses for the purpose of being able to make birthday cakes for my kids. This is one of the few cookbooks I have never regretted purchasing. My buttercream recipe comes from this book and the fillings in this book are fabulous. The cookies and cream filling and the Lemon Mousse/Lemon curd filling are big hits. This book changed the way I make cake--it was so inspiring. My kids like looking through it like a picture book. You can tell by the cover that this book is well loved.
I've mentioned food stuff several times in this post. Probably because I'm hungry.

So, what are your five favorites this week?

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  1. Oh my goodness!
    I LOVE all these!
    I want to rush out and buy that pencil sharpner!
    I need a good one.
    I LOVE all you things.
    I am a GS leader so I know all about those nuts!
    Have a great day- thanks for playing along!


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