Friday, August 21, 2009

Fare thee well, Clinton Starbucks!

My local Starbucks is closing this Sunday. While I make most of my coffee drinks at home, I still purchase my supplies from Starbucks and enjoy hanging out with friends over coffee in the store. Harriet and I met yesterday morning at Starbucks and when I bought my coffee supplies, they packed it nicely in a bag with tissue. I'm keeping the tissue and will use it to make tissue paper flowers and I cut up the bag and made a book out of it. I will fondly remember my local Starbucks everytime I use this book.

I showed my husband my book and told him, "I feel like Eve!"
He said, "Who's Eve?"

Then I said, "You know, Eve. My California friend. "


Ok, whatever dude. It's obvious he doesn't listen to me when I talk. Let's move on.

Eve makes all these cool little books and last month she made a Starbucks book.

I messed my book up in a couple of spots but it's cool. When I get my grubby hands on another bag I'll chop it up and make another one. I used my SU tab punch and punched the tabs from the sides of the Starbucks bag. I went online and looked up coffee quotes and put a quote on the first page of each section. I briefly pondered spilling coffee on it and letting it dry so my book would smell like Starbucks but then I thought that would be like buying toilet paper in a rain that really a good idea?
I used 6x6 acrylic covers and the covers don't look as wrinkled in person. I ironed the bag but couldn't get all the wrinkles out. It's ok, I like the rustic look. I can always rip out the page with the typo but I don't want to.
One more thing...
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  1. You should of told your hubby "who DOESN'T know Eve"!! haha Well your book rocks, sad your starbucks is closing! you could put the dry tissue in the coffee bag and let it soak up the smell... LOVE "buying toilet paper in a rain storm"!!!!! I am laughing so hard!! Ahh love the quotes on the pages too! hugs gf you rock!

  2. You are so funny...I love when your sense of humor comes out.... putting that aside .... I love your book and can't wait to work on mine tomorrow....

  3. LOL, thanks for the good laugh, and I think the book totally rocks even with the wrinkles and typos : ) Sorry your Starbucks is going out of business, though : (

  4. You a funny lady (you have to read that with some sort of strange accent)! I agree with Jacquie, who DOESN'T know Eve?!? Maybe you could take your coffee beans and rub them on the bag? Men aren't totally oblivious...when I talk about you, my hubby says, "Is that your friend you've never met?" Dork!

  5. oh say it ain't so....... Starbucks CAN'T be closing...... what a sad, sad day. :(

    my boys laugh at me that I can tell anyone where any given Starbucks location is in the entire NE Ohio area and parts of Penn., too! in fact my oldest son was telling me a 'did you know?' about Starbucks last night, and I responded with info about exactly which stores in our region fit the criteria he was describing. left him with his mouth hangning open. giggles!!!!

    but on to your book - LOVE IT!!!! I use goodies from there all the time in my projects! and go ahead and spill your coffee grounds on it to make it smell yummy! it leaves a great look to the paper! ;) you did a wonderful job with this! let me know if you ever need any other supplies from there - I bet I could hook ya up! :D

  6. I think our starbucks here is closing also... This book is just so cute though! Awesome!

  7. Oh I am still giggling over the quotes....What a fantastic book Leigh Ann...I just love it! And hello (and now that I have said this it really sounds sad..But I don't care) 30% of my friends are friends I haven't met! Husbands just don't get it! Fantastic work honey...Xx

  8. That is probably the saddest news I have heard. I can't believe your Starbucks is closing. If you ever get the craving, call me. I will meet you in Powell!! Love the bag!!

  9. You are way too funny! Now I do not drink coffee (Gasp, shock, I know, I should have warned you to sit down), but I will just make believe that my local Panera is closing - I am addicted to their bagels...Cinnamon Crunch with Hazelnut cream cheese, Mmmmmm.

  10. LOVE your little book and those quotes - they're the best!!

  11. what a great book annie! i make most of my coffee at home too but i would still be devistated if my starbucks closed. just knowing it is there "just in case" is comforting! LOL

  12. This is it!

  13. Love the quotes on your pages, great book all the way! How sad that your store is closing. We don't go all the time, but sometimes you just need a good Peppermint Mocha!

  14. Great book.... All I can say is You make it your own..... My question to you is Why should you have a husband that listens??? Are they not pretty much all the same.

  15. I just love it ...Quotes are awesome and the little book too
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  16. Okay I just about SPIT my coffee out all over my PC when I read this! I have got the same reaction from my hubby when I talk about my "friends." It is that questionable look like- "are you serious"? Yeah well I get that look all the time- and not JUST from my hubby!
    So I scrapped with "my friends" from Hayward, CA (about 2 hours from here) at National Scrapbook weekend two years ago. I refer to them as my friends from Hayward when I talk about them. My husband kinda gets it I think. Well one of these friends was Lisa was telling her husband the same thing. He gave her the look- and she said something like..."You know Joe- "my Friends" kinda like the people at "starbucks" that you think are your friends". He said- "But they are my friends". And she said "sure - they are...."

    I say read something funny when you are drinking your coffee. It will spit out all over it.
    Or- you could mail it to me and I will do it for you. Okay- yeah no that is just gross.
    Here is a better idea....put some in a spray bottle and "spritz" it on!
    So sorry that your store is closing. It IS a real treat to be able and go there!

  17. What a cool idea. And I totally got to laugh at your husband. "who is Eve?" How can boys be so clueless and totally unable to listen sometimes?!?!? It's a good thing they have some other redeeming qualities!

  18. This looks great! I always wondered how to cover a notebook with the binds, now I know! I had a chuckle where you wrote silence. Must be a man thing lol
    Thanks for your comment on my blog, I'll try to play along with sketch girl often xx

  19. Fabulous project...I've been collecting those bags, too...I don't have much luck altering books, but I might try again.


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