Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Because I don't have anything else to do...NOT

Thanks to Jennie for giving me a blog award!  It comes with a quiz and I noticed Jennie and I both love Panera bread and are bad with Facebook--I knew you had excellent taste!  Here goes...

1. Where is your cell phone? I'm not sure, I can't keep up with it.  It might be in my car.
2. Your hair? dark

3. Your mother? crazy

4. Your father? deceased
5. Your fave food? spaghetti followed by pizza.  Love the italian food.

6. Your dream last night? My kids wouldn't go to bed, so I started taking candy away from them until they settled down.  They were sleeping with bowls of candy.  I have strange dreams often. LOL

7. Your fave drink? Vanilla Latte followed by Dr. Pepper

8. Your dream/goal? To be proficient in Photoshop Elements and make really cool things with it.

9. What room are you in? craft room/office

10. Your hobby? Papercrafts, reading, used to be cooking but I've gotten lazy and a bit too chubby. :)

11. Your fear? Something bad happening to my kids, but I think that's a standard fear for a parent.  Otherwise, I fear drowning.

12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Happy and hopefully not very wrinkled.

13. Where you were last night? Home

14. Something that you aren’t? neat

15. Muffins? Pumpkin Cheescake
16. Wish List Item? Where do I start? Uh...books, Papertrey Ink stuff, fancy espresso machine, I could go on and on.
17. Where did you grow up? Clinton, TN

18. Last thing you did? That's a bit private, so I'll say...photographing and editing my SG9 card.

19. What are you wearing? my standard attire of dark jeans (the only pair I can stand because I am not a jeans person), black t-shirt and black hoodie.

20. Your TV? normally it's off most of the time.  Lately, I've been watching it during the day because we have all the premium movie channels until February. Yes, I watch dirty movies all day while the kids are in school.

21. Your Pets? saucy wench of a dog named Stella.  She's a feisty redhead. She used to be feisty, she's 10 years old now and sleeps most of the day.

22. Friends? Happy with those I have

23. Your Life? the busiest it's ever been and possibly the happiest I've ever been

24. Your Mood? hungry and slightly agitated (I'm out of apples, see #33)

25. Missing Someone? I'm missing my Tues. night stamping buddies and my waistline.  Darn Halloween candy!

26. Vehicle? Honda Odyssey which is a fabulous vehicle but when I'm driving I pretend it's not a mini-van.  It's something really cool and I'm really cool just by driving it.  Oh, and I'm young and smokin' hot in this fantasy too.

27. Something you are not wearing?  Underwear.  Just kidding, I only go commando when I haven't kept up the laundry. LOL  Anyway, something I'm not wearing is makeup.  I don't wear makeup everyday.  I do not like to feel makeup on my face and I don't like to feel lipstick either.  For those of you like me who don't like foundation but want to even out your skin tone a bit, use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer.  It's a tinted moisturizer and I love it!  Also, Clinique's almost lipstick is wonderful to give you some color without feeling heavy.  Ok, makeup lesson over.  I do wear make up but if I'm not going anywhere but grocery shopping, etc. I just skip the makeup.

28. Your fave store? Target followed by Williams Sonoma

29. Your fave color? Green

30. Last time you laughed? When I checked my bank balance--it was crazy, hysterical, slightly maniacle laughter.

31. Last time you cried? When I checked my bank balance.  My husband will cry when he gets the credit card statement.  I will be hiding.

32. Your best friend? HusbandI can completely be myself with him because after 14 years together he already knows I'm a weirdo.  I think it might be a turn on for him.

33. One place that I go to over and over? grocery store.  It's a necessary evil.  I have an apple addiction and need to eat at least 1 apple a day.  Sometimes I eat 2 and have been known to eat 3.  See?  I'm a weirdo. 

34. One person who emails regularly? Harriet and Alyssa (who needs to e-mail me more often :)  miss you girl!)

35. Fave place to eat?  Definitely love going to Panera Bread.  YUM!

36. Facebook? Yes, but I forget about it.  I'm not good with My Space either

I am passing this award on to a few people because I want to see their answers to the quiz. 


Thanks for dropping by!  I've got some things to do (buy apples, blog hop, add my fav blog link list to my blog, etc.) and will see ya later!


  1. Too funny! I just ate at Panera yesterday :o) Fun getting to know a bit about you. Have a great day!

  2. Yes, you are a weirdo! But that's why I love you! I'll have to try to do this - I'm a nerd and love these things!

  3. I had to pick myself up off the floor. I was laughing SO friggin hard! Your quirkiness is what I LOVE about you! I want to put this up on my blog- but there is some things I am not willing to share with everyone! And my answer to my mom would be the same as you- and I know she reads my blog! Ugghh
    LOVE LOVE LOVE it- thanks for sharing!

  4. Thanks for sharing this fun quiz (:

  5. LOL, love this!!! So honest, especially about what made you laugh and what made you cry!!!
    Just got back from the movie, I give it 10 stars! You'll love it! And I can't wait for the hop!

  6. congrats on the award annie! I hope you have a great wknd and give a hug to the girls for me. :)


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