Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tag, party and pies

I thought I would post a few random things today.

I meet with some fine ladies every couple of weeks or so for some stamping time and this is the project I took last night for us to make.  I shamelessly copied Michelle Wooderson’s Halloween tags from last year.  I used PTI sets 2009 Halloween Tags and Spooky Sweets II and paper from October Afternoon.Halloween Tags_

I’m ready for Fall for sure!  It’s still 90 degrees here and we’re in shorts and flip flops.  These pies remind me of fall (even though I baked them over the summer).  I used a pie cutter thingy from Williams-Sonoma to cut out the lattice crust.   We have friends over every year for a Low Country Boil and I made these for dessert.  I think I made 20+ of these hand pies and they were delicious.


Finally, my daughter’s Twilight birthday party.  She turned 9 back in April and wanted a sleepover party with a twilight theme.  I told the parents that I would be stuffing their kid full of junk and that we would be watching Twilight and New Moon when I called them about the sleepover party. 

We started by making pizza for dinner.  Each girl got to make her own pizza.  I had the toppings out in bowls to make it easy for the girls and I had the dough already shaped in a little pizza pans for them.

Instead of the traditional birthday cake, my daughter wanted each girl to make their own ice cream sundae.  I had an ice cream sundae bar set up for them and they all said they liked that better than cake. 

The birthday girl spiked a fever and slept through quite a bit of the party and when she got up, she vomited on the carpet.  Fun times, eh?  None of the girls wanted to leave as they were having fun, so the party continued.  Luckily, she started feeling better and by later that night, she was fine.

After the dance party in the living room, I popped the popcorn and put out the movie theater size boxes of candy.We moved the coffee table out of the way and the girls plopped their sleeping bags in front of the TV and watched a Twilight double feature. Finally at 2 am, when I couldn’t take it anymore, I told them the TV had to go off and they could talk quietly.

I made each girl a Twilight T-shirt by scanning one of the napkins and printing it onto iron on transfer paper.  I ironed their name on too.

The next morning, I set up a breakfast buffet with cinnamon rolls, bagels with cream cheese, muffins and orange juice.  It was a great party and to my knowledge everyone had a blast!

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  1. Loved reading this post!
    First, your hand pies look scrumptious! I'm totally drooling here.
    Second your daughter's BD party sounds fab (minus her getting sick, UGH) and I love that you made the girls t-shirts, sweet!
    I've not read the twillight series, so I don't understand the hubaloo associated with it, but it does soud like your guests had a great time!

  2. I so love your tag. It isn't copying just casing. LOL! I am sure she appreciated your enjoying them so much to want to create them yourself!! It is a fun design!

    The hand pies look yummy!!!

    What awesome photos too!!


  3. Oh so fun! All of it! Soooo creative :>)
    I share your luck too! I can just imagine one of mine getting sick at their own party. I still have flash backs to my DD's 1st B-day where over 20 people ended up getting a stomach bug. Fortunately not food poisoning :>)

  4. Poor birthday girl! Looks like a great party though. Those pies look delicious!!

    In this part of TN we are supposed to get some cooler weather next week, hope you do too!

  5. Oh I love the tags, and the pies look delicious!!! I am so not a baker~I don't like to cook at all actually LOL! The party looks like tons of fun:) I've been a bad blogger this week, and need to catch up on all I've missed!

  6. Cute tag! The pies look yummy too. Sorry to hear you daughter got sick glad it didn't last long and she could still enjoy the party though. Looks like a great time!

  7. What a fun post. The party looks too fun!

  8. First of all - you've saved $13 couponing...yay you! Every little bit counts.

    Bummer with the sick birthday girl....but those birthday t-shirts are a fantastic idea!! I love that...ultimate personal touch too.

  9. Hi Annie - your tags are so cute and the pies look delicious!!! Dru

  10. Such a fun tag! Sometimes with mass production it's easier to CASE someone else's genius!
    You're such a fabulous mom! I love all the effort you put into things to make sure they all had a memorable time. Now Lizzie will be popular ;)


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