Monday, July 11, 2011

Dresser re-do & a cake (not stamping related)

I've been reading some home improvement blogs, and cooking blogs, lately and with some inspiration from my friend Julie, I decided to actually re-do my daughter's dresser instead of just talking about it.

We bought this dresser several years ago and painted it white and bought some knobs for it.  We had no idea what we were doing and the paint job wasn't very good and we didn't seal it and I chose crappy knobs.  We sanded, pulled out the wood filler for some spots, sanded again and spray painted it with Krylon paint in Ocean Blue Breeze (I think that's the right name). We didn't prime because it had  been primed before. It took 3 cans of spray paint to do the dresser and 4 drawers and that's applying 2 coats.  We also spray painted 2 coats of clear sealer on it.  I went with a satin finish on this  because I like some gloss but not too much.  I got the paint & sealer at Wal-Mart.

Before pics:

side of dresser

drawer fronts

 The after picture is terrible, but in person, this dresser looks like a new piece.  My daughter adores it.  My next decorating project is to frame the mirror in my daughter's bathroom.

I also tackled my first ice cream cake for hubby's birthday.  It was good but it's HUGE and I made a gigantic mess. I made my favorite chocolate cake recipe (Martha Stewart's One bowl chocolate cupcakes) and frosted this cake with fresh whipped cream that I sweetened with confectioner's sugar and a splash of vanilla.  I also stablized the whip cream with un-flavored gelatin but I don't know if it was needed or not since I froze it.  I add the gelatin when I'm decorating with whipped cream because it won't run after it sits and it's firmer to work with when piping.  I added  hot fudge between the layers and on the top of the cake after I finished frosting it.  I formed the ice cream layer by putting plastic wrap inside my cake pan, spooning in softened ice cream, cover in plastic wrap and freeze until hard. 

If you read all this, bless you! LOL  I'm heading to a water park with the kids tomorrow and then I'll have a lull and can get caught up on my favorite blogs.


  1. Wow girl! Way to go! Ice cream cake looks amazing! I'm about to get a bowl of ice cream! :)

  2. The dresser came out great. The cake looks yummy too. Hope you have a good time at the water park tomorrow.

  3. The dresser looks gorgeous and that cake is making me drool! Way to go Martha Stewart:)

  4. Oh my word you ARE Martha Stewart! Papercrafts, furniture, AND food? You are my idol.

  5. And you didn't even invite me over for a slice! I don't even know if we can be friends anymore, Martha...I mean Annie! lol The dresser looks fabulous and so does that awesome cake!!

  6. girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you did an EXCELLENT JOB on that dresser!!!! is it not just soo rewarding!!! youll be spray painting everything in your house now!!! LOL
    and OMG.. an ice cream cake ??? you are a very brave soul! sure makes me wanna run out for dessert!

  7. Yummo to the cake! And wow to undertaking furniture!!! Now you need to come to my house :>)

  8. I love that color for the dresser! You did a great job! I have a dresser in the garage waiting to be painted for my daughter. I'm embarrassed to admit it's been there since the SPRING. That cake looks delish!!!


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