Friday, August 19, 2011

Peace Owl

I put this in my daughter's lunch box today.  I put it in a vellum envelope and wrote 'Look whooo's joining you for lunch.  Hope it's owl right.'  Corny but she'll enjoy it and she loves peace signs.

You can snag the free template for this card from my free templates and tutorials page.

I've put my Twitter feed on the sidebar of my blog and will be updating it regularly with sale and promotion information.  This hobby can get quite expensive and a sale is always worth tweeting about.

I also started an Etsy shop to sell some of my creations.
Peace out.

Check out my Stamps for Sale page.


  1. Sooo so cute Leigh Ann! Such a bright and happy card!

  2. I literally lol'ed when I saw this card! Too stinkin' cute, woman!

    On another note, whenever Zane asks something about stamping and I say something about Annie, he says, "You mean Annie Bananie?" lol Love that kid! ;o) Have a super sweet day, dude! Peace!!

  3. Love this card, it is so so cute!!

  4. HA !!! I bet she loved that!!
    i know my daughter would.

  5. This is the coolest owl I've ever seen! Are any of your templates for the silhouette? I haven't downloaded anything for it other than from the silhouette store. I'm still kinda confused about the whole thing.

  6. LOL, so cute, Leigh Ann! I'm sure she thought it was a real hoot~wa, wa, waaaa. Putting cards in my Etsy store is on my to do list this week too. I hope you sell lots!

  7. Very cool! I bet she loved it.

  8. This is way too cute!

    My daughter just picked out some funky peace sign fabric that I'm going to make into a skirt.....but my sewing machine took a dump and now I'm not sure how I'm going to make it. :(

    The Etsy store was an awesome idea! I may just have to buy some cards! I've added your store to my favs. :)

    And welcome to Twitter! I'm now following you!

  9. :>) This is adorable!!! I am surprised you have not done etsy before with all your beautiful templates!!! Let me know how it goes :>)


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