Sunday, November 6, 2011

Owl you doin'?

I'm so busy it's crazy but I wanted to share this gift bag I made using Melvin & Vernie from

and encourage you to take a moment (myself included) to let those you care about know you care. A small gesture, like a little gift bag left on your friend's porch, is not small at all. It's huge.

Our lives are busier than ever but a little something out of the blue from a friend you've been missing really makes your day. I know this because I'm lucky to have made some wonderful friends through this hobby who are so kind and generous.  Alyssa Scritchfield (a World Card Making Day winner by the way so run over to her blog and give her a big congrats!) sent me a package recently that made me so happy I cried. An ugly cry too.  I've been super stressed lately and busy and to get a surprise like that, well, I'm getting all misty eyed just writing about it. All right, fine, I'm crying my eyes out again just thinking of it. It wasn't what was in the box, it was the thought behind it and it was massively thoughtfulAlyssa, thank you isn't strong enough and once again, I'm asking you to move to the south.  You'd like it here, seriously. You get used to the humidity and the mosquitoes and I have never once had chiggers. 

My friend Julie Elak sent me a wonderful treat not too long ago that was so sweet and really lifted my spirits. Once again, it wasn't the gift, but the thought. Julie, my daughter tried to take it all but I wouldn't let her have it. Bwahaha! Thank you so much and I miss you!

Have a wonderful Sunday!

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  1. You are amazingly talented, my friend !!!!! I love this so much !!!!! Will miss you today ... we need to have a catch up talk !!!

  2. What a cute bag, those colors are so fun!

  3. So bright and fun Leigh Ann! LOVE it!

  4. This is such a sweet gift bag, and you are SO RIGHT...random acts of kindness are so good for both the giver and the receiver! Thanks for the reminder!

  5. Super duper cute bag! I always love how you combine papers as part of a landscape - simple perfection! Thanks for the shout out too! ;o) And you are! There's more to come...

  6. Awweee your post touched me and now I'm in the mood to do an RAK...I've had days like that when things get wonky and crazy and something small just lets you put it all away for just a moment... :)

  7. i love this.. i love making gift bags like that. i absolutely adore owls. hope all is well!


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