Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hauntingly Fun

I should be packing for our trip but felt inspired to make a card.  I haven't been creating much lately and what I've done, I haven't posted to the blog--I'm lazy and we are REALLY busy at work and it sucks most of my energy.

 I do sketch card layouts like a fiend--I have pages of sketches. I sketched this card layout last night.


Turned it into this:

sorry for the crooked pic!  The card is straight, I promise.

Have a great weekend!

Pattern paper is Haunted from MME.  Everything else is from Papertrey Ink.


  1. Love it friend .... and have a great safe trip...

  2. It's fantastic! I'm glad people like you make take a lot of the work out of card making for me! lol
    I'm kinda over the blog right now too. I haven't even been looking through my reader so much because it won't open on my reg computer, which means I have to pull out the laptop.

  3. Just realized how much I have missed. What a great lo!


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