Friday, March 29, 2013

Free template link

Here are the links to download the free template seen in this post

PDF version
DXF version   Can be used by those with a Silhouette machine or other electronic cutter that will open a .dxf.  Once you open this in your Silhouette software, save it as a silhouette studio file and then you can save it to your library-I love that!  I used little dots in lieu of dashes for the score lines.  Depending on your cardstock, blade depth, etc. the score dots may not be deep enough to get a good score.  I simply went over the dotted lines with my scoring tool. 

I am not creating SVG files at this time. 

This is a small treat bag and eventually I plan to break it into two pieces for the PDF user so it can be made larger.  I used this design for my daughter's birthday last November and actually drew this design easily a year or more ago.  It's been sitting in my computer just begging to be used! 

I have another template file to share in the near future that has been sitting in my computer for a solid 2 years or more.  Seriously.  I've made gifts with it but never posted anything.  Just dangling a carrot...

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  1. Thanks for the link, Leigh Ann!! I have already downloaded it. Yay!!!


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