Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Card Camp 2: Day 5

Wow, who knew working with vellum would be so hard for me!    I absolutely loved stamping the background piece and doing the pencil line grid and I know I will be using this technique often. 
The vellum pieces...yikes, definitely need more practice.  I think I will be buying vellum cardstock because layering vellum pieces is not my cup of tea.  I'm weird about everything lining up perfectly and I just couldn't get those pieces to line up exactly and my sewing machine isn't easily accessible, and isn't working too great right now, to sew the piece down.   To hold the panel down, I added some tiny glue drops that you can barely see if you are looking for them.
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  1. This is so pretty, Leigh Ann!! I love the background design and colors.

  2. It looks perfect! Fantastic card and brilliant stamping!

  3. Gorgeous! If you hadn't mentioned the pencil line grid, I wouldn't have I'm super curious about the class...


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