Friday, April 25, 2008

I just gotta brag on my hubby

I am working hard to get my scrap/stamp room organized. I have a really great room all to myself and it's time I got it together. Hubby made me this fabulously cheap ink pad holder! I printed off the instructions from and he just finished it. Want to know how cheap this was? It took 2 foam core boards that were 1.99 each at Hobby Lobby and a couple of hot glue sticks. Can you believe it?

He also is working on my built in shelves. He's almost finished with those. He still has to finish the top 2 and put the decorative pieces on the front of each shelf to hide the support piece. I'll post another picture when it's done and I have it organized the way I want. I thought I'd show them off too since I was already braggin'. Thanks and have a great weekend!

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  1. Fabulous inkpad holder! Great job!*grin*
    I added a link to this post on the inkpad post on my blog.


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