Monday, August 18, 2008

Do your kids act this way when it's homework time?

Sheesh! Sorry for the blurry video. This was a covert operation.



  1. This really caught my attention because my son really pulls out all the stops when he's faced with homework!! Crying, yelling, screaming, slamming the pencil name it! I've often thought of doing a video because no one would believe what I have to go through to make my son do his homework!! That video will be fabulous when she's what... 25?!!

  2. Annie - I stumbled across your blog, because of your Halloween countdown clipboard. Love it :-). So, I heard her refer to them, so I am thinking that she isn't home schooled. My son's teacher told me last year - if he gives you a hard time about homework, set the timer for how long you think it should take him. If the timer goes off and he hasn't finished or sat whining the whole time, take it away and put it back in the backpack. The following day he would have to do it during Homework Club, which takes place at recess. She told me to say, "Oh, this homework must be much too hard. Mrs. Rees said if this happens that she would be happy to help you during Homework Club." I only had to set the timer once. The threat of his teacher knowing that he didn't get down to business was horrifying to him. LOL. Mind games - they really work when you know how to out smart them :-). TAKE CARE!

  3. YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!
    My girls are now 23 and 21 but does that bring back memories. You my dear are NOT alone!!!!!

  4. My son is now 34 and watching this made me feel like his homework days were only yesterday ughhh. Maybe you can try having her do two assignments at a time and rest, then finish. She does seem over whelemed or she is a great actress. Hang in there....

  5. I am so with you. My 9 year old will start crying saying it is too hard. The whole 9 yeards. LOL Isn't it funny that if they did their homework in the same amount of time they did the whining that they would have it all done?

  6. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH Annie she made me cry...and laugh at the same time!She is the sweetest little whiner I have EVER heard....poor baby. Fortunately, I was so blessed when it came to homework. I think the Lord knew I would not be able to handle anything but peace and children now 29 and 31 never even had me do a book report with them. They both were 3.9 in college. I guess I never knew just how lucky I was..... NOW, my grandson is a entirely different story LOL!!!! Have a great day and give that little one a kiss! She is a darling little girl.


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