Saturday, August 2, 2008

I survived! (kind of long)

First, for those of you that don't know me personally, I am a book worm. Always have been since I learned to read. When I was around 8 years old I walked on my own to the library to get a card, which they wouldn't give me unless a parent signed. So, I walked all the way back home to get my mother to sign and then I walked all the way back to the library. Just to get a book to read. This was a long walk, especially for a kid and I'm thankful we lived in town and I had sidewalks the whole way--not that that would have stopped me. Kids don't walk much these days, except in the little town I live in. Having sidewalks all around town make it easy to hoof it.

To move the story along....

My mother is in the hospital right now. She's doing good, but not out of the woods yet. She'll be in the hospital until Sunday or Monday. She has pneumonia, which is bad all on it's own, but she had lung cancer a few years ago and only has one lung. I feel like she's going to come out of this ok. She's tough. I took my oldest daughter to the hospital last night to visit my mother and we ended up leaving close to 10pm. That's when I was struck with the knowledge that there is a Books-a-Million nearby and I wonder if they are having a Breaking Dawn release party... Well, they were and we stayed. We hung around B-A-M until midnight and I bought my copy of Breaking Dawn and got a free tote bag too! I was very happy that my 7yo wasn't the only young kid there. She hooked up with a 9yo boy dressed as a vampire and they played in the kids section the whole time. I think she was crushing on him because she gave him her M&M's. She just shoved the bag at him and smiled. I thought, "Ah, the courting rituals of elementary schoolers."

Anyway, I survived a crowd of teenagers dressed for prom with blood dripping from their mouths. I voted for Edward, 'cause come on, Jacob would have imprinted with Bella by now. Right?? I wore a stupid button that I secretly love. I got stickers and a smoothie and survived rude B-A-M workers. Best of all, my 7yo was a pleasure to have with me and she didn't fall apart until 12:14pm!


  1. It sounds like you had a BLAST!! Bailey & I did a Harry Potter release party last year and it was so much fun. It's easy to get caught up in all that! I am so sorry that your mom is in the hospital. Please send her my best wishes for a speedy recovery! If you need help with the girls, please let me know. I know from experience what a relief it is not to have to worry about your children during a crisis.

  2. Annie,
    I too did the same thing at Borders! I'm nearly finished with the book.

    We'll have to compare our thoughts when we are both done!

    Happy reading!


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