Friday, October 31, 2008

Our walk home and Halloween decorations

Natalie and I went to Elizabeth's school today to man the craft table at the class Halloween party. I must brag on Natalie because her behavior was excellent--that's something I rarely say! I took some pictures of the party and Elizabeth will be posting them on her blog this weekend. The walk home was so pretty that I snapped a couple of shots. The leaves are different colors and the grass is still green. I wish you could feel how nice it is here today. Natalie didn't even need that coat I put on her.

I thought I would post how Elizabeth decorated the front of our house for Halloween. Tomorrow morning I will be pulling it all down. She did this all on her own. She likes to arrange things and right now wants to be a professional organizer when she grows up--isn't that cute. The decorations are an eclectic mix of things she found in the basement. She even put a dead plant on the steps because she thought it would add some creepy.

Enjoy your evening!

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