Monday, February 16, 2009

Not stamping, but...

Alyssa, you must have killed many germs for me because I feel much better today!

Here's a picture of my husband, Derrick with Kerry King from Slayer. He met him at the recent NAMM show in California and Mr. King, who is very nice and friendly, signed a picture of my husband's X cabinet. Derrick designs music products on the side and I'm very proud of him. His X cabinet was reviewed (favorably) in last December's issue of Guitar Player magazine and had a small blurb on the cover. It was neat (yeah, I said neat) to go to Wal-mart and see the magazine on the stand. I wanted to stop people and tell them about it, but I didn't. The X-cab is only one of his inventions, but it's by far the most dramatic looking. Go see it here.
Hubby gave me a nice wad of cash for V day and I thought I'd be nice to him. Of course, I spent most of it on stamps. hee hee. I told the kids that since mommy is feeling better they have to eat decent food again(my little one had a fit when I told her that) and I have to get the house cleaned up. No more wallowing in filth and eating junk because mommy is too sick to do anything about it. lol Have a great day!

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