Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Owl shaped cards

Avery and Lincoln (my niece and nephew) are turning 1 and my SIL is giving them an owl themed birthday party this weekend.  The little owl invitations my SIL bought were so cute and  sparked an idea for me.  I decided to draw up an owl shape and turn it into a card.  I customized each owl to suit the birthday girl and boy.  The designs are simple but they still took me a long time to complete and then I had to go and draw eyelashes and wings and that took more time. Both kids are 100% worth it.
 Lincoln's owl is totally him--cute with big blue eyes.  Avery's owl is pretty in pink and, just like Avery, she has beautiful light blue eyes and always wears some type of adorable hair accesory.

click for a better view

I'm sharing my files with you in case you get an urge to make an owl shaped card.  I do ask that you read the terms of use included with the files.

Annie's Owl card GSD
Annie's Owl card SVG
Annie's Owl card PDF

There are no instructions but it's pretty easy to put together and fits in a standard A2 size envelope.

I made the back this way so that I didn't have to deal with the card folding at the ears of the owl.  This way, the front shape remains exactly as I designed it.

When you go to add the back part of the card to the decorated front, line up the bottom(the feet) and the front and back will match up perfectly. I used scor-tape to adhere the back piece.

I also designed a mat for the inside in case you want to use a dark card base like I did.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. These are absolutely adorable Leigh Ann! Goodness, the eyelashes on the girl owl make me smile!

  2. So cute and very definitely Boy and girl owls...I love her sparkly hair clip :)
    Jenny x

  3. Thanks bunches ...they are so very cute..... be in touch when you can !!!!!

  4. shut the front door!!!! too cute. you dressed them up nicely!

  5. These are way too cute! Adore them!

  6. these are amazing cards, adorable, and how kind of you to share them!! I do not have any electronic means of cutting, so it will take me a while, and won't look as good, but I do plan to make some hand cut owl cards, thanks to you!! You are very talented and creative and generous, too!!
    Thanks so much!!-Stacy

  7. So CUTE!!! They are going to love these, Leigh Ann! Thank you for sharing the files too!

  8. ACK!! As a collector of all things owl, this may be the cutest thing I've ever seen!
    I hope you post pics of the party!

  9. Seriously? You rock, woman! These are adorable and I'm so happy that you readily share the things you slave over! lol

    Absolutely, positively stinkin' adorable!! The eyelashes and the glittery feather piece (you know, cuz owls don't have hair!) are my favorite parts!

  10. They are both super cute. Thanks for sharing the files too!


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