Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Super Summer Sleepover & back to school project

My 10yo daughter and the girls in her class planned a summer sleepover at the end of the school year (May 2011).  I offered to host it at our house because I was temporarily insane.  It was never a good time to do it but we had to get it done before the school  started so we did it on Aug. 5th...3 days before the first day of the new school year.

I wanted to make each girl a little something but even a little something can get expensive when you have 10 girls to do for.  I decided to go with an old favorite.  The altered composition book.  I drew  a shape similar to the one of the front of the book so I could get my Silhouette machine to do the cutting for me--that was a lifesaver.  Even though the design is very simple, having to do each piece x 10 took a chunk out of my evening.

Click for a larger view
I failed to get a pic of the books with the decorative paper clips mentioned
in the cost breakdown.

Cost breakdown (some figures are approximate):

Pink Notebooks: $4 for 10= .40 each
Pens:  $5 for 10 = .50 each
Paperclips: $1.50 for 10= .15 each
Cardstock & Pattern paper = .30 each
Button & Twine = .10  each

Total of $ 1.45 each notebook

Here are a few pics of the event:
I had 2 tables set up like this in the kitchen.  It was all cheap but shiny. Girls like shiny.

The feeding frenzy. I fed them junk and told their parents
it might be a good idea to give them a vitamin.
One of the party guests getting her pic made with a photo prop.

Mani, pedi and make up in the kitchen.  I'm getting my toes done.
I was told I looked like I would have purple toes.
The girls attempting to settle down for the night.  They didn't settle down. At all.
Even when I told them I was 'oldish' and needed rest.

We also had Karaoke, Just Dance on the Wii, pillow fighting, celebrity charades and a tiny amount of drama. All in all, it was a good night.

Will I do it again?
Probably not.
Well, maybe. I do like to plan parties...
No, definitely not. 
Eh, as Justin Bieber says...never say never.


  1. Cute notebooks! I am not a party planner but my youngest is and she definitely did not get it from me. Our house is the 'party house'... she does a great job, I just have to shell out the $$$ and that is ok with me, the parties are always so much fun for everyone.

  2. You are such a brave soul. The notebooks looked great, I am sure they will journal their 10 year old hearts out in them! Thanks for sharing the madness with us! From the looks of it, you did a lot of fun stuff!

  3. looks like a lot of fun!!

  4. The notebooks, pens and clips are fabulous!! I love it - oldish!! LOL They'll be talking about it all year and how awesome you are!!

  5. You crack me up! It looks like they had a wonderful time and you definitely know how to throw a party! What a great idea with the notebooks~love them!

  6. Oh you will be hosting more of these, you know it!!! Looks like tons of fun for the girls and what is one night without sleep ;>)
    Cute notebooks, such a fun idea!!!

  7. I saw the pics on Facebook and thought to myself that you are one crazy chica! May too many young girls!

    They looked like they were having a blast though. Way to be a super cool mama!

  8. You are truly the hostess with the mostess! Those girls no doubt had the time of their lives. You are such a cool momma. I wish I would have seen those pink notebooks, we only had the black ones where I went shopping.


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