Thursday, May 8, 2014

Watercolor class homework days 5 and 6 and Virginia's View Challenge #3

Here's my homework for class days 3 and 4   5 and 6. Actually, this work fits days 5 and 6 and I re-did my work for days 3 and 4.  Pretty messy attempt and I totally used a butterfly painting I found on Pinterest as inspiration for this card.  Practice makes perfect and this was fun so I'll be practicing. :) **Let me add that I wanted the coloring to be a bit messy, I just wanted a more controlled mess. LOL**
I added a tiny amount of faux stitching to the sentiment panel because I thought it needed a little something added and as a bonus, I get to enter this card in the current Virginia's View Challenge: Stitching. 

Have a great day!


  1. Such a pretty card! This one really caught my eye in the class gallery.

  2. Nice. Great sentiment.

  3. Your water-coloring is awesome!! Love the artsy look! And of course, the extra faux stitching adds great touches to this design! Thank you SEW much for playing Virginia's View Challenge!

  4. Gorgeous - I love this - trying to think if I have a similar stamp to CASE you!


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