Saturday, August 16, 2008

Orange you glad it's your birthday...

I made this card a while back and didn't post it because it's just an orange version of a card I've posted before. Well, since I have nothing new to show right now, I thought I'd put it up. I used sugar glitter on the oranges, but it's not showing it's sparkly lovliness in the picture. I do have some things in the works-- some in my head, some in actual progess. Do check back on Monday though...

I'm sending the kids to my mother tonight for a sleepover. Hubby and I are going to see the king of country western troubador, Unknown Hinson tonight. It should be interesting. The show doesn't start until 10pm, so we'll be out very late. We didn't get home until almost midnight last night from a wedding and I'm still tired. Both kids conked out during the reception. Luckily it was dinner and we were served so I could sit there and eat with a kid asleep on my lap. It will probably be Wednesday before I recover from 2 late nights in a row.

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