Thursday, January 15, 2009

Old scrapbook page

My hubby is in California right now with the camera, so...that means I won't be posting anything new until next week. That's actually ok because I have to sew some new pillows for the couch, 2 floor pillows (so the girls will stop taking the pillows off the couch and sitting on them) and some curtains (roll up kind) for the interior french doors to my office--I have to be able to hide my stamping mess! Joann's has a huge fabric sale right now so I went wild.

This is a scrapbook page I did 3 years ago--before I discovered Becky Higgins. I must say that discovery Becky Higgins and her sketches changed the way I scrapbooked. My pages came together easier and looked much better. I love this page because it really showcases my oldest daughter's personality. Elizabeth wore her Cinderella costume to an event and when she saw how many other girls were Cinderella she refused to wear it trick or treating. There were just too many Cinderellas.
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  1. Hi =)

    First off, let me start by saying your cinderella scrapbook page is beautiful, as is Elizabeth. I've never been very good at scrapbooking lol but appreciate it when I see it.

    Second, thanks for the reply to my post this last weekend. I've always wondered what Cabot's Mediator series was like! How did you like it in comparison to the other YA novels you read?

    I love Keri Arthur's novels though must confess I have yet to get to the latest in the series. I think I'll try to find the time in the near future to go back and reread them. Also, I have only read the first novel in the bridgerton series but loved it so much I'm dying for more! Lol alrighty, well I'm going to go post a review on Lisa Kleypas' Sugar Daddy (one of the best books I have ever had the pleasure of reading by the way, I think you would really enjoy it!)


  2. Adorable little page!
    Of course the pictures are perfect!


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