Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Leaf cardstock comparison

Here's a comparison of Papertrey Ink's New Leaf (NL) and SU's Wild Wasabi (WW). WW looks dull and almost sage-y next to NL. It's still a glorious color, but PTI's green really pops without blinding you. I didn't buy the NL ink and I'm reading some complaints about the color on PTI's forum. I'm reading that NL ink looks more pine green and doesn't match the cardstock. The ribbon is kind of that way too, it's not as bright as the cardstock but I still like it! I bought Pallette ink from PTI in Landscape several months ago and it's a nice bright green and works well with NL, so I will stick with that.
Hope this helps!


  1. Wow! That's a big difference! Sorry I pestered you about my PTI stuff. As I was typing the second e-mail, it seemed familiar :) As soon as it arrives, I will let you know and we can get together!! Maybe at Starbucks!! Ahh, coffee and stamping - just a little bit of Heaven here in N. Knoxville!!!

  2. I bought the NL ink and really don't care that much for it either. It's not so much of a pine green to me, but more like SU's Glorious Green. Very bright and a little blueish, tealish, green????? Thankfully I have Palette Landscape and I also think it looks pretty good with the NL cardstock. Thanks for posting the comparison of the cardstock between WW and NL.

  3. I really love the NL cardstock!! I didn't buy the ink, ony the cs and satin ribbon. Thanks for the Palette Landscape tip in case the ink isn't fixed. I'm holding off to buy it for a bit. Thanks for the color comparison. Even if I am going to buy it, it is always helpful to see how PTI's new colors are going to fit in with the colors I already have! :>


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